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AppServe watches over the stability, security, availability and fair use of your cloud application and API.

It can temporarily shut down access to your application if certain rules that you configure are broken, or limit specific access. It also gives you insight in log-events ranging from authentication over storage to load and potential security risks.

If you wish to plug your application into this platform, please contact root@appserve.cloud. The platform is currently invite-only to our current team and former colleagues but spontaneous applications are welcome. With the help of code contributions from volunteering developers, we hope to open the platform to many more users soon.

Latest development news

OTP considered

We are considering adding OTP delivery as a service in the platform, simplifying the roll-out in your applications. Discussion continues on Github.

Integration with AbuseIPDB

If you wish to integrate our platform with an account you have at AbuseIPDB, then you can now do so very easily.

Performance improvement

A big performance boost will be given to our platform by the end of Feb, 2020, and asynchronous calls should further speed up the service.

AppServe status: Operational